Media Trainings

Communication between science and the general public has grown steadily over the last few years.  Communicating with journalists plays a key role in all this. A lot of scientists feel insecure when they speak to journalists. A serious lack of understanding of how journalists work is one important reason why.

Awareness and practice are key to a successful interaction, which will benefit three sides at once: The scientist who is entrusting his or her topics to the media, the journalist who meets with a well-prepared and relaxed scientist, and the press office that benefits from this highly successful encounter.

Our media trainings offer increasing awareness, hands-on practice, and, on top of it, they are a lot of fun! In only five short hours, participants learn about the most relevant aspects of the journalistic process. An important first step – especially for scientists! This is followed by intensive exercises, which culminate in on-camera interview training – the most stressful interview format!

Our friendly training staff is made up of experts in the field, all of whom hold dual qualifications: scientists first, science journalists second. Dirk Hans, who coordinates the trainings, has spent many years working for WDR’s ‘Quarks & Co’ as well as for a number of different magazines. At his side is science journalist Ingo Knopf, editor of such programs as ‘Quarks & Co’ or ‘Kopfball.’ We offer intensive trainings in a small-group setting that can be customized in terms of timing and content according to the client’s wishes. Our tried and proven standard training lasts five hours plus a lunch break. At the end, every single participant will walk home with their fully edited video interview as a souvenir and personal motivator.


Confident for the camera

// ... is how scientists feel after we have prepared them for encounters with journalists.

Precisely and convincingly

// ... is how researchers present their business plans after receiving our coaching.

Good arguments

// ... is what scientific managers present after our preparatory talks.