The Internet is the backbone of all modern-day communications. By definition, implementing an effective communication strategy must focus first and foremost on this medium, pooling limited resources and making sure that all content and formatting is up-to-date.

To ensure that your institute’s online presence meets these demands, scienceRELATIONS offers you the complete package:

  • We conceptualize customized websites for your institute.
  • We ensure all of your web content is packaged and presented attractively.

To this end, scienceRELATIONS makes use of all of the various communication channels – from text, image, graphics, and animation, all the way to video.


Concept and content

// ... were developed by us for the website of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF).

Faces of science

// ... can be seen in our video statements on the website of LCSB.


// ... in animated or still form are a genuine enrichment of web content.