Public Relations

scienceRELATIONS has its roots in science and science journalism: we have seen both sides of the desk. Which also means we are able to support your institute through highly effective PR. As such, we

  • research exciting science topics on location at your institute that hold a potential interest to the media,
  • impress upon scientists the media relevance of their research findings,
  • translate the language of science into the language of media,
  • write press releases and organize press conferences, and
  • use our extensive media network to promote far-reaching recognition of your topics.

Stem cell research

// ... and other hot topics are prepared with your involvement for all media. Like at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Biomedicine, for example.

The social impact

// ... of endeavours like the tuberculosis research at DZIF is as much an important part of our communication as the scientific facts.

Scientific congresses

// ... are our domain for proactive public relations, where we can generate the appropriate media response.