Strategic Communication

Communication doesn’t just happen. After all, your goal is to create your research institute’s or university’s best possible public image. scienceRELATIONS works closely with management and communications departments in taking on this task both methodically and head-on. Therefore, it is a central aspect of our portfolio

  • to help you develop a sound communication strategy
  • to define your personal communication goals based on this strategy, working closely with your institute’s management and communications departments
  • to develop communication concepts for individual media like print or online materials, and
  • to come up with a roadmap for optimizing the effectiveness of your internal and external communication needs.

Throughout this process, we strongly emphasize close collaboration with management and communications departments. Only if everyone understands the why and the how of communications will this process end up being successful. It goes without saying that we will be there from start to finish to help you implement the measures we have developed together.