The best communication is face-to-face, where personal impressions remain longest in memory. In view of this, scienceRELATIONS moderates panel debates, workshops and strategy meetings to promote the most constructive discussions on scientific issues. Our approach is to inspire panelists and audiences alike by sharing expert knowledge through amicable dialogue.

We are especially versed in moderating debates on publicly critical issues: Be it animal testing in research, synthetic biology or materials research using neutrons – we familiarize ourselves with the material, provide a platform for differing opinions and keep the debate to a factual level that will lead to genuinely constructive solutions.

Whether science or politics

// ... we prepare every topic suitably for research institutions, project management agencies and ministries.

German and English

// ... are the two languages in which we moderate international events.

We keep the tone friendly

// ... but also no-nonsense, to keep discussions factual and objective when debating controversial topics.